Aluminum frames

Aluminium frames

We can provide our customers also with simple products, that require however several workings, adjustments and/or treatment operations. The customer’s advantage is that CMB will act as a unique supplier and will source all the necessary additional suppliers managing the relevant production from the technical and administrational points of view.


The production process of this specific monitor frame includes:

  1. Die construction
  2. Aluminium profile extrusion
  3. Milling
  4. Surface brushing
  5. Nickel coating
  6. Insertion of threaded pins
  7. Visual inspection
  8. Special packaging

In this case you would need to have 8 different suppliers but thanks to CMB
you can get the finished product by dealing with us only.

Only CMB takes care of finding and coordinating all the suppliers.

Our services for Housing and cabinets

Our services for
Aluminium frames

  • Prototyping
  • Product industrialization service
  • Supplier selection and management process
  • Mechanical processing
  • Surface treatments
  • Pre-assembly of sub-assemblies
  • Finished product assembly
  • Surface finishing
CMB_We find solutions

We find solutions.

CMB lab is our department that cooperates with you to optimize the manufacturing process and find the best product solution. Your product is our goal.

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